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Innovative Learning Group manages hundreds of projects each year, and one of the challenges with this type of work is keeping projects in scope.

"At ILG, we have a very detailed process and set of tools that help us keep projects on schedule and in scope," says Project Lead, Project Manager, and Performance Consultant  Gayle Holsworth. "I believe our clients see the value of our approach and appreciate the things we do to help ensure their projects are delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining the highest level of quality."


  • Conduct a kick-off meeting with all the right people: stakeholders, SMEs, reviewers, etc.
  • Use the kick-off meeting to discuss roles and responsibilities, expectations, project communication, standards, and evidence of success.
  • Follow an agreed-upon process.
  • Stay on schedule.
  • Stick to the deliverables outlined in the work plan.
  • Communicate with a sense of urgency, and be specific.
  • Raise the flag and discuss scope issues immediately.
  • Set expectations at the end of each review meeting regarding next steps.
  • Complete project status logs to document decisions, next steps, open issues, and any red flags.
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