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Adoption of mobile technology is sweeping the learning industry, but it's not the right solution for every performance challenge. Innovative Learning Group uses its expertise in performance improvement to help clients determine if mobile is the right solution for their learning and performance needs. Using mobile delivery must be right, not just new and cool.

Mobile isn't just taking a traditional e-learning course and putting it on a smartphone or tablet; this perception is what many companies struggle with. Mobile learning is really about giving people the tools they need, when and where they need them, to do their job. I like to call it the ultimate just-in-time learning.


  1. A medical device company employee takes a 20-minute learning module to fulfill a compliance requirement while waiting to board a plane.
  2. A nurse accesses a patient's record by scanning a code on the patient's bed.
  3. A utility field worker locates underground lines via a location-aware function that uses a camera image and GPS.
  4. A manufacturing plant manager takes photos of a broken machine and transmits them to a technician for troubleshooting.
  5. A store associate scans a barcode on the sales floor to obtain detailed product information to answer a customer's question.
  6. A repairman looks up schematics for a washing machine in a customer's house, and orders parts and tracks inventory from his truck.
  7. A sales rep completes a quote in the client's office.
  8. An accountant takes short learning modules to get a refresher on new tax laws just before visiting a client.
  9. As reinforcement after taking a training class, a participant receives five follow-up questions a day for four weeks and sends her answers to the instructor.
  10. A nutritionist asks his client to look up and track calories for every meal eaten.
  11. While at a remote site, an auditor consults with colleagues at other sites using a collaboration tool.
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