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How can you begin whispering in your clients’ ears about improving performance with non-training solutions, while continuing to develop skill-and-knowledge interventions?

Many of us do instructional design for a living but struggle when asked to create training we know won’t solve the problem. We’ve created video scenarios that highlight a few ways you can “whisper” in your clients’ ears to improve performance while completing your training projects.

The videos follow several projects through a typical ADDIE process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) and provide best practices to help you move the needle on performance.

Before you know it, rather than asking for training, your clients will be calling to say, “Hi, I have this problem in my department, can you help me?”

Phase 1: Project Definition

Phase 2: Analysis

Phase 3: Design

Phase 4: Development

Phase 5: Implementation

Phase 6: Evaluation

Job Aid: Putting Performance First — Six Phases

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