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Improve Employee Performance with a Great Blend

Date: August 29, 2021

Time: 6-7 p.m. (CT)

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah


Is your learning department in a rut and using the same delivery methods over and over again? Do you want your teams to think about solutions that mix it up?

As we develop more innovative methods for delivering learning, it seems that our decisions on which ones to use get harder. Blended solutions are often the answer, but how do you find the right blend? What’s the best way to break up a 60-minute e-learning course? Is a blended solution the right approach for attacking your next new initiative? Can you add some performance support? The options for delivery can seem endless, and as the technology choices increase, your decisions get even more complicated.

What do you do?

Join CEO Lisa Toenniges as she gives you the formula for creating the right learning blend to improve employee performance on the job. In this webinar, Lisa will:

  • Discuss a simple three-step process to get the right mix.
  • Use an interactive tool to select the best delivery methods.
  • Walk through several real-world case studies.
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