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ISPI LIVE featuring Lisa Toenniges

Date: September 10, 2022

Time: Noon (ET)

Location: ISPI YouTube

Simple Tools to Build Full Solutions to Improve Performance

As we develop more innovative methods for delivering learning, it seems that our decisions on which one to use get harder, not easier. Before jumping in and building training, we should always take a step back to determine the best delivery method or blended solution to improve employee performance. And how do we do that?

Join CEO Lisa Toenniges as she shares two simple tools to improve performance. First, Lisa will share a tool that will help you plot expected performance against a variety of delivery options so you can choose the right delivery method for your learning solution.

Then, Lisa will dig deeper into informal learning by going through an “Informal Learning Reference” tool that provides options to incorporate informal learning techniques into your blended-learning solutions.

During this interactive and engaging session, Lisa also will lead you through activities where you will be able to practice using the tools using “real-world” examples. 

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