Innovative Learning Group (ILG) prides itself on keeping its clients in the know. On February 4, 2020, a new version of Google Chrome — Chrome 80 — will be released. This new version, if loaded on an individual’s or organization’s computer, may potentially impact e-learning tracking for courses and/or learning management systems (LMS).


Impact on Courses: Depending on the authoring tool and version, when a learner closes a window or tab, progress since the last saved bookmark may be lost.

Impact on LMS: Depending on how an LMS implements tracking, it may not be able to properly track course progress. Additionally, when a learner closes a window or tab, an LMS content player may lose progress since the last saved bookmark. Check with your LMS provider for additional details.


ILG can provide help if you need further assistance determining whether or not your courses or your LMS will work properly with Chrome 80. Please reach out to your ILG project manager or contact ILG at to get connected to a technical expert who can help assess your situation.

For more detailed technical information on the changes and their impact, please click Chrome 80 Technical Details.

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