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Whether it’s solving a logic puzzle or working with a client to develop an effective learning solution, Innovative Learning Group Project Manager and Instructional Designer Dawn Pierce enjoys a good challenge.

“Because I interact almost daily with my clients, often across multiple business units or multiple projects within a business unit, I have a unique vantage point to discover commonalities and efficiencies that otherwise may go undetected,” says Dawn. “This provides tremendous input when designing learning and performance solutions aimed at giving clients the results they seek.”

Dawn has 25 years of experience working with a diverse group of global clients in a variety of industries, including agriculture, aviation, automotive, banking, chemical, consumer goods, hospital and healthcare, insurance, information technology, manufacturing, medical technology, and utilities. Additionally, she has worked on a multi-year project to convert an accredited in-person veterinary technician training program to a self-paced, blended solution with a focus on mobile learning. 

She has also led learning and performance support projects on topics that include compliance, cyber security, human resources (DEI, onboarding, and wellness), marketing, materials engineering, product knowledge, quality, safety, Six Sigma, and systems. 

“Working across multiple industries is fascinating and provides endless learning for a life-long learning nerd like me,” she says. “It’s easy to be passionate about developing solutions that will take learners on an adventure — that’s what resonates with me because learning something new should always be exciting and impactful.”

Additionally, Dawn has presented on interactive PDFs at several Association for Talent Development (ATD) events, including the West Michigan ATD Chapter meeting, the Central Ohio ATD Learning Technology and Design Day Conference, and the Central Indiana ATD Learning Summit.

Dawn joined ILG in 2014 as a media developer and quickly acclimated to the company’s business processes, relishing her behind-the-scenes work and the creativity it demanded. She soon transitioned to a project coordinator and then to an instructional designer, where she further honed her expertise to become a project manager. 

Dawn Pierce
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