“I love acquiring knowledge and am excited to be part of a team that values learning and innovation,” says Administrative Assistant Mary Wilbur.

Mary joined Innovative Learning Group (ILG) in 2019 and brings to the company her enthusiasm, organization skills, and willingness to jump in and help with any task.

“I see myself becoming an integral part of ILG and applying what I learn from my co-workers to contribute to the company’s growth, as well as mentoring future team members as I myself have been mentored,” she adds.

In addition to her work at ILG, Mary also spends part of her workweek on site at an automotive manufacturer where she assists them with identifying unique roles using job task analysis. The data she collects helps the company determine what training is needed, and what training can be expanded or adjusted based on the data gathered.

Mary has completed course work towards a degree in entrepreneurship and photography at Central Michigan University. She also has completed course work towards a degree in American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation at Oakland Community College, where she gained a working knowledge of ASL. Additionally, Mary is a volunteer at the Rochester Hills Public Library.

Mary Wilbur
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