Innovative Learning Group Media Developer Nate Laitinen loves to tell stories through animation.

“I enjoy the beauty of motion and the satisfaction of seeing my creations leave a lasting impact on people,” says Nate. “Animation presents appealing and engaging characters, which in turn delivers wonderful storytelling.”

For the past five years, Nate has been telling stories though animation and developing his skills in 3D animation, modeling, rigging, and motion graphics for the gaming and real estate industries. In his role at ILG, he has worked on projects for clients in the business services and banking industries.

In addition to his love of animation, Nate also believes in the power of interactivity, applying it to his automotive-related animations for virtual reality interactive experiences.

“Games and other interactive media, such as virtual reality, bring about a tactile experience that sticks with the user,” says Nate. “I thoroughly enjoy seeing my work used for practical, interactive purposes. The impact of the final result is worth all of the effort.”

Nate earned a bachelor’s degree in animation, simulation, and game design from Eastern Michigan University. 

Nate Laitinen
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