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“An L&D Alchemist” is how Innovative Learning Group Project Manager and Performance Consultant Rose Benedicks describes herself, and it’s an apt description.

With more than 20 years of experience in the learning and performance support industry, Rose knows a thing or two about instructional systems design and performance consulting.

“The challenges I face in my role are like puzzles, which I love,” says Rose. “Each circumstance and the contributing factors are unique, and I get to exercise my brain every time I work with a client or project. The challenges are dynamic and complicated as well as nuanced and slippery, which makes solving them equally unique and satisfying.”

Rose has consulted with clients in the building materials, consumers goods, restaurant, and legal and financial services industries. She has designed and developed solutions on a multitude of topics, including customer service, soft skills, legal education operations, sales enablement, and new business orientation.

“Building client relationships is all about respect — respecting client perspectives, needs, and priorities,” says Rose.

Rose is a member of The Learning Guild and is a frequent speaker at this and other national and international professional associations. She has presented at the Association for Talent Development International Conference & Expo, DevLearn, Learning Solutions, Learning Technologies, and THE International Society for Performance Improvement Conference.

Rose has a master’s degree in instructional systems technology from Indiana University Bloomington and a bachelor’s degree in technical writing from the University of Central Florida. 

Rose Benedicks
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