When Innovative Learning Group Graphic Designer Zach Swisher approaches a client project, he does it by looking at the project’s function.

“One of the most important things to consider in design is function,” he says. “If a design isn’t functional, it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, it will fail to be a good design. Beauty in design is a very subjective thing; functionality is less so.”

Zach has applied his brand of design to many ILG client projects, including those in the automotive, business services, chemical, consumer goods, information technology, and medical device industries.

In addition to his design approach, Zach also loves “geeking” out on things such as 3D design, artificial intelligence, and other immersive environments. 

“The most exciting part of my job (so far) is working with all the emerging technology that’s entering the learning and training space,” he says. 

Prior to ILG, Zach played an integral part in the design and architecture of several adaptive online courses; these have changed the way people learn.

In addition to the standard designer tools, Zach is proficient in After Effects and Premiere Pro as well as Pro Tools and Ableton Live for audio editing. He earned a certificate in audio production and engineering from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor.   

Zach Swisher
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