Need to find a delivery method that’s a good fit for your learning need? This app will help you quickly identify delivery methods appropriate for different learning levels. Use the interactive chart to plot a desired learning level (Awareness, Understanding, or Skill) to a continuum of nine delivery methods ranging from Audio/Video Presentation to On-the-Job Training/Coaching. The app provides feedback on why the delivery method is acceptable, ineffective, or inefficient for the level selected, and includes delivery method and learning level definitions.

Note: A desktop version also is available and works best in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Registration is required to access this content.

To learn more about selecting delivery methods, download our Delivery Method Selection Guidelines white paper.

Android Requirements

  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and up.
  • Optimized for Tablets, and Phones with High Density (240dpi) and Extra High Density (320dpi) displays.

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