Sue Matt Webinar

Mobile Learning: What You Need to Know

November 14, 2017

Lead Instructional Designer and Learning Consultant Susan Fisher and Lead Programmer and Learning Technology Consultant Matt Kurtin provide answers to the questions ILG commonly hears from clients considering mobile learning, including: When I design courses for mobile delivery, do I need to think differently? Can I quickly convert traditional e-learning for consumption on a mobile device? Do the terms "responsive" and "adaptive" design mean the same thing?

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Learning Trends Webinar

Learning and Performance Trends: A Conversation

August 30, 2016

ILG CEO Lisa Toenniges leads a conversation about trends in the learning and performance space. The trends she covers include the learning and performance ecosystem, learning portals, mindfulness, gamification, personalization, storytelling, microlearning, agile, and social learning.

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