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blend Learning Webinar

Improve Employee Performance with a Great Blend

June 16, 2020

As we develop more innovative methods for delivering learning, it seems that our decisions on which ones to use get harder. Blended solutions are often the answer, but how do you find the right blend? In this webinar, CEO Lisa Toenniges gives you the formula for creating the right learning blend to improve employee performance on the job.

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Learning Leader Webinar

The Learning Leader Job Is Not Easy!

March 18, 2020

Today’s learning leader needs to be an expert at strategy, change management, culture, evaluation, technology… and so much more. This job is not easy. In this webinar, Innovative Learning Group CEO Lisa Toenniges takes a closer look at five fundamental practices of great learning leaders and how you can set a course for your learning team to thrive as a valued resource to your organization.

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Q Webinar

Leading with the Right Qs

July 23, 2019

Whether it’s the intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional intelligence quotient (EQ), or adaptability quotient (AQ), focusing on one “Q” simply isn’t enough anymore. Moving through the Q-line is essential to leadership success. In the latest webinar Project Manager and Instructional Designer Esther Jackson, Ed., broke the three Qs down into simple nuggets, gave participants keys to increasing their leadership EQ and AQ to achieve professional success, and described how they could tie it all into their leadership curricula.

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Flash Webinar Intro

Ins and Outs of Flash Conversion

February 07, 2019

Flash is currently being blocked by some browsers, and it's going away completely by the end of 2020. Now's the time to act, but where do you begin? In this webinar, Senior Director of Technology and Visual Design Matt Kurtin, Business Development Director Tom Petro, and Programmer Walter Schirmacher go through the items to consider when tackling Flash conversion projects.

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VILT Images

No More Dry Toast! Butter Up Your Virtual Instructor-Led Training

June 25, 2018

Project Managers Joan Allesee and Mike Blahnik demonstrated techniques to ensure that your next VILT engaged your participants and increased the opportunities for learning transfer. They identified characteristics of effective VILT, listed good practices and techniques that could be applied to your own work, and summarized appropriate VILT engagement techniques.

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