Understand the impact of your training dollars.

The Innovative Learning Group team can work with you to develop an evaluation strategy that yields powerful evidence of your training’s results and shows you how to dramatically improve effectiveness. By “evaluation strategy” we mean a consistent, documented approach to when and how you will evaluate performance improvement initiatives.

The evaluation strategy documents organizational decisions on:

  • What evaluation needs to accomplish
  • When and from whom you’ll collect data
  • What type of data you want to collect
  • The tools you’ll use
  • The way you’ll compile and report the data

That way, you’re not deciding what type of evaluation to do for each one-hour e-learning session; you’ve already made those decisions at the macro level and can stay focused on execution at the project level. Further, with an evaluation strategy in place, you can be assured that all members of the learning team are approaching evaluation in a consistent manner that makes effective use of your resources.

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