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Innovative Learning Group can help you create and deploy the specific learning solutions your employees need for effective performance. We use our scientific approach, rigorous project management expertise, and commitment to ongoing innovation to create learning and performance solutions for a wide range of clients in diverse industries, serving learners around the world. See our Success Stories for examples.

  • Performance Analysis

    Innovative Learning Group identifies the results you need from your employees to achieve your organization’s goals. Read More  

  • Curriculum Architecture

    Innovative Learning Group is skilled in identifying the set of learning solutions that a particular group of employees need to function effectively on the job. We help you determine the appropriate delivery methods and the order in which the solutions should be completed. Read More  

  • Design and Development

    A large percentage of what we do is creating smart, custom learning and performance support solutions. Many learning providers specialize in a given delivery method, such as e-learning — so for them, e-learning is always the solution. Read More  

  • Implementation Support

    When it comes time to launch your learning events and/or digital assets, Innovative Learning Group can help make it happen. Read More  

  • Evaluation

    Innovative Learning Group provides evaluation solutions that meet a broad range of client measurement needs. Read More  

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