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Learning and Performance Solutions to Elevate Learning in Medical Technology and Life Sciences

Innovative Learning Group works with some of the world’s largest global medical technology and life sciences companies, ranging in size from 2,500 to more than 100,000 employees.

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Design Control Process

This five-hour instructor-led workshop identified changes to the client’s Design Control Process and prepared participants to implement those changes as they developed new products. The workshop highlighted the differences between the current and future Design Control Processes and provided examples of projects developed using the revised process.

Good Documentation Practices

Targeted at all of the client’s indirect employees, this e-learning course taught participants to record data, create documents, and review and approve them in accordance with corporate standards for good documentation practices. Completing the course and receiving a passing score on the knowledge assessment provided the required certification. This course was translated and programmed into 11 languages.

Good Manufacturing Practices

ILG designed, developed, and programmed an e-learning module covering three GMP topics: Data Integrity, Security Access and Control, and Human Error Prevention. Each 20-minute course reinforces previous GMP knowledge and provides additional opportunities for changing behavior. ILG made the content compelling and relevant to learners by creating scenarios with real-life examples, storytelling, and a two-minute video animation.

HR and Corporate Training

Design Thinking

ILG developed six five-minute microlearning modules to create awareness on how to solve problems using "design thinking." Topics included the following steps: empathy; problem definition and solution determination; and prototyping, testing, and implementing the solution.

HR Service Model

ILG developed a one-hour e-learning course that provided an overview of the new self-serve HR process and described the resulting workflow changes. Participants included U.S.–based HR employees, such as HR generalists, managers, and directors. Due to the different roles, the flexible course navigation menu allowed each learner to move through the course at the appropriate level of detail.

Annual Work Plan Process and System

The client was converting its Annual Work Plan process from a Lotus Notes–based system to a new SAP–based system. To support the successful launch and implementation, ILG created a 25-minute e-learning course, which contained four scenario-based modules and seven desk reference guides.


Good Manufacturing Practices

ILG designed, developed, and programmed an e-learning module covering three GMP topics: Data Integrity, Security Access and Control, and Human Error Prevention. Each 20-minute course reinforces previous GMP knowledge and provides additional opportunities for changing behavior. ILG made the content compelling and relevant to learners by creating scenarios with real-life examples, storytelling, and a two-minute video animation.

Single-Use Technology

To help drive awareness of the importance of SUTs in the manufacturing process, ILG created five modules to provide employees with manageable learning chunks using a highly graphical and interactive approach, which included a Vyond video. The modules describe processes and operations, customization and plant design, qualification and supplier identification and management, and adoption and economic drivers. All five modules were translated into Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.

Electronic Performance Support User Training

ILG developed a 20-minute e-learning course that described the benefits, “how to,” and navigation of the client’s new electronic tool. The training showcases how electronic work instructions improve the process, how to access job breakdown sheets, how to use performance support in the workflow, and how to train people.


Human Error Prevention

ILG created two courses to help employees gain awareness of HEP, apply HEP strategies, and demonstrate HEP tactics in their work environment. Part One is an e-learning that tells a story and has learners “follow” an employee through the workday. Part Two is an instructor-led workshop that guides learners through a series of work-related situations and gives them opportunity to practice what they’ve learned using individual and small- and large-group activities.

Root Cause Analysis

The client needed a valid way to go beyond the typical cursory monitoring of learning in its existing RCA curriculum and wanted to identify the business impact of training more than 1,500 people. ILG consultants deployed a well-proven methodology using surveys and interviews to gather critical organizational impact data and recommend.

Medical Device Reporting

ILG developed a three-hour e-learning course to help U.S.–based employees at the client’s Complaint Management Center identify a reportable event and understand the proper procedure to follow in each situation. Topics included the purpose and importance of the client’s MDR Process, the relationship of the MDR Process to the client’s Quality Management System, the regulations related to medical device reporting, the steps of the MDR Process, and the use of the MDR decision tree.


ISO Overview

The client wanted a more engaging 30-minute e-learning for employees who work with ISO auditors and asked ILG to recommend more effective instructional strategies. ILG reinvigorated content leveraged from a previous course with a new and interesting graphic and visual treatment.

Sample Preparation

This 30-minute e-learning course on sample preparation employed scenario-based interactions with the look and feel of a working environment similar to that of the target audience, such as a lab backdrop with images of lab personnel. Lab employees learned to describe and explain the importance of sample preparation, including how to handle and store samples, as well as how to use personal protective equipment and sales data sheets for safety.

Sales and Marketing


This two-day workshop and user guide for the client’s sales operations employees introduces learners to the SalesCentral system with a general overview, navigation guidance, and an explanation tailored to their specific role. If they choose, learners may complete four one- to two-hour e-learning courses in lieu of the workshop.

Neuromodulation Sales

ILG analyzed the existing learning solutions for the client and recommended the most effective delivery methods, which could be any combination of instructor-led training, e-learning, job aids, communities of practice, and field coaching. A learning path outlined specific modules and sequences to optimize training time and behavior change, and module specification sheets were created for each module.

Inventory Sales System

ILG developed learning solutions to support the implementation of an inventory sales system used via an iPad application. The course introduced learners to the iPad application experience, focusing on the interface, navigation, and basic functions such as email, search, print, save, validate, and data export.

Sales and Marketing

New Medical Device Sales

ILG worked with the client to help upskill sales representatives on a new product to the marketplace by creating a curriculum architecture, a one-page impact map, a learning path, and a suite of learning solutions that included instructor-led training, job aids, assignments, and e-learning courses.

Rhythm Sales

ILG converted the client’s 49 Rhythm Sales customer relationship management courses from an older version of the Articulate Studio software to the newer Articulate Studio 13 with HTML5 publishing for PC and iPad. ILG also conducted a web meeting to help the client’s employees learn the conversion process for future work. To meet ongoing needs in the field, the project team also converted the courses into printable PDFs.


Manufacturing Electronic System Core

ILG helped the client introduce a new electronic records system by creating instructor-led and e-learning courses that gave participants hands-on training in a “sandbox” environment. LG also worked with the system vendor to build the MES curriculum quickly in order to meet an aggressive launch schedule.

Corrective and Preventative Action

ILG created a suite of nine e-learning courses to provide users with an overview of the eCAPA Analytics System features and functionality. Employees learned about analytics reporting, as well as how to launch the system, set system preferences for their specific needs, use the system interface, and generate and work with reports.

Windchill System

ILG created an impact map to define results, critical actions, and key knowledge and skills that would constitute effective performance for each of the client’s Windchill user communities. Next, ILG developed learning paths for three roles, a corresponding spec sheet for each item on the learning paths, and an audience matrix. Many clients have contacted ILG for help with their Windchill learning solutions. Overall, we have created more than 15 e-learning courses, each with multiple modules, and more than three hours of instructor-led training.

Our Medtech / Life Sciences Leadership

Gayle Holsworth

Gayle Holsworth

Senior Director, Client Solutions

Gayle has been providing learning and performance support solutions to the medical technology industry for more than 15 years. She will serve as your account and project manager and consult with you on the solutions that will achieve results.

Matt photo

Matt Kurtin

Senior Director, Technology and Visual Design

Matt's deep understanding of technologies enables ILG to develop truly interactive, engaging learning experiences. He consistently applies the latest advances in digital capability, such as augmented and virtual reality, to practical application in learning.

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What Our MedTech / Life Sciences Clients Say

ILG’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. Your overall project management was awesome! You kept us on track, and your ability to shift gears quickly was excellent and appreciated. We’re extremely pleased with the end product.
Director, Digital Marketing and Marketing Operations
ILG’s management of our recent learning projects was a stand-out, including frequent communication and adjustments to the scope and schedule as needed. The ILG project team’s ability to quickly adapt to challenges and coach our team through them was invaluable. We were so pleased with the products!
Environment, Health and Safety Manager
Thank you a ton, Gayle and team, for all of the hard work, effort, and support that you’ve provided in order to get our two courses developed and launched. Your insights, patience, and assistance was much appreciated!
Manager of Sales Training
I wanted to let you know that the case studies and the guide that your ISD completed are fully approved and considered final. Thanks much to you for keeping us on target and getting this done! You were a real asset to the team and a trusted partner on this!
Associate Director, Corporate Academy
I couldn’t be more pleased. The project went very well, and I appreciated ILG’s flexibility, speed, and responsiveness. I hope to work with them again soon.
L&D Training Business Partner
Thank you VERY MUCH for the Design Control Redesign Workshop materials. As usual, you’ve delivered excellent quality on time. … We appreciate your project management, your flexibility, your attention to detail, and your instructional expertise. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for another job well done!
Principal Learning & Development Specialist
We needed someone to design and deliver training materials to us on time, and ILG came to the rescue! They completed an e-learning course and a classroom course in record time. ILG is very professional and serves the best interest of their clients — they have great project management oversight
Principal Systems Quality Engineer, Design Assurance
… The [ILG] staff is fantastic to work with. They showed a phenomenal ability to capture our team's ideas and translate them to presentable and easy-to-understand materials. I know our audience will appreciate and learn from the finished courses. I'm glad I selected ILG. I'm sure I'll use them again for future training projects.
Principal Systems Quality Engineer, Design Assurance
The team from ILG consistently demonstrates excellence in course design and development. They have been proactive, creative, and effective partners throughout several business-critical projects. ILG has been an integral part of supporting our training.
Program Director
ILG has been an incredible partner helping to develop training modules.… While the training content was dense, and much of it related to documentation requirements, ILG was masterful in helping us draw out the human element of effective clinical practice in an engaging way.
Senior Vice President
… There were multiple stakeholders involved in [our] project, and ILG was patient, responsive to input, and quick to find workable solutions. The initial set of [training] modules were so favorably received that we plan to continue to collaborate with ILG on future projects.
Senior Vice President



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Excellence in learning award 2019
Excellence in learning award 2019
Learning in Practice Award - 2012
Excellence in learning award 2015
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