It’s Career Day! How Enlightening Teens About Careers in Training Provided Unexpected Inspiration

Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local high school for Career Day. Talking to teens about training can be a little bit daunting! Those of us in the industry experience the relevance daily, but effectively communicating said relevance can prove challenging. Even for students bent on heading to college, the thought of […]

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Get Out in Front . . . A Different Way To Look at Leadership

Many of us performance consultants use a performance improvement model like Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model or Carl Binder’s Six Boxes to determine the root causes of performance problems. In other words, before we select a remedy, we want to ask: what’s the underlying reason for the problem? We know that a good diagnosis helps us […]

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A Quick Look at the Vuforia Software Development Kit for Augmented Reality

As are many of you, I’m excited to follow technology news and predict what affordances will become available for learning and performance support solutions using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Today, I’m going to focus on Vuforia, which is a toolkit for programmers to add AR functionality into their apps. A couple examples […]

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