Don’t Select E-Learning for the Wrong Reasons

Is someone in your organization anxious to use e-learning because they’ve seen some amazing web sites or watched their kids engrossed in an online tutorial? It’s a terrific thing that they’re excited about learning over the computer, but this may not be the best reason to select e-learning as the delivery method for your next initiative.

“Well then,” you ask, “when would I choose e-learning as the delivery method?”

THE most important reason to select e-learning is because you’re confident the learners will be able to achieve the learning objectives using this modality. It’s all about the learning objectives.

If the learners can’t achieve the learning objectives, it doesn’t matter that:

  • you saved travel expenses
  • learners learned when and where it was convenient for them
  • you only incurred development costs once
  • it was fun for the learners.

So, do a thorough analysis and design phase, and then once you’ve crafted your learning objectives, select e-learning for the right reason – because the learning objectives can be achieved via this delivery method.

ILG’s white paper, “Delivery Method Selection Guidelines,” is a great resource. Give it a read. I’d like to hear what you think about the importance of selecting the right delivery method.

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