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Harnessing the Power of Video Learning: Take Your Content from Boring to Exciting

Are you ever faced with a need to communicate a procedure to your team but are unsure of the method to deliver it because the content is somewhat dry or is not very interesting? I recently worked with a longtime Innovative Learning Group client in the financial industry on a learning need just like this.

In a nutshell, the client needed to show how a conversation should be conducted between a financial analyst and his/her customer. The challenge ILG faced from a design perspective was how to make the conversation interesting for the learner, given the topic and learning objectives.

After brainstorming with our client, the team agreed — based on the client’s desired outcome — to create a microlearning module using GoAnimate. Basically, this meant creating a video animation that shows the entire call evolution: how to greet a customer over the phone, discuss the service, and end the call. As the conversation progresses, content-specific visuals such as charts, forms, or reference procedures appear on screen, where appropriate, to emphasize particular points being made by the narration.

The end result was a video that not only met the learning objectives but also was very engaging and fun for the learner to watch. I know. I know. You’re thinking, “This doesn’t sound so exciting!” But consider this: The learner didn’t have to read a lot of dry text or listen to a lot of explanatory narration while clicking through a series of screens. Instead, he/she was engaged in the “story” of the call, played out through animated visuals and the audio of the conversation. Moreover, the learner could view this 9-minute chunk of learning at any time it was convenient. Our client was thrilled with the final product and is now looking to develop several more GoAnimate videos to add to its microlearning library.

As an instructional designer, are you taking advantage of the many non-traditional methods available to create learning and performance support solutions in your organization? Or do you still prefer the tried-and-true traditional e-learning or instructor-led training? Of course, the delivery method you choose needs to meet the learning need and serve its goal and objectives. However, try thinking outside the box on your next project. You may be surprised at the solution you come up with!

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