Networking In A Virtual World

Tips for Feeling Connected In an Isolating Time

Whether you’re looking to grow professionally, change jobs, or stay relevant in a virtual world, here are a few practical tips I’ve discovered to help make the most of networking and professional association events and feel connected during this potentially isolating time.

Prior to the Event

  • Reach out to others you think may be interested, share the event information, and invite them to attend.
  • Learn a little about the presenter and his/her background, and get your head into the topic.
  • Ask yourself what you’re hoping to get out of the session (for example, learn about xyz, “run in to” xyz person).

During the Event

  • Show your best self on camera.
  • Using Chat, ask a few questions and share a few insightful comments “to everyone.”
  • Scroll through the attendee list, look for people you know, and “privately” message these individuals.
  • Tweet an interesting tidbit from the event.

After the Event

  • Reach out to someone who made a comment that resonated with you during the event (either verbally or in Chat). You can LinkIn, email, or call. Thank the person for the comment and highlight things you have in common.
  • Post again on social media, perhaps something lengthier or a link to a relevant article.
  • Share what you’ve learned or who you met with colleagues who were unable to attend the event.

These are easy things we can all do… Now is as good a time as ever to step out and stay connected!

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