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The Agile Industrial Complex

Agile as a way of working and organizing team activities has spread from software development to other aspects of work and business, from sales management to project management and most points in between, including learning and development (L&D). From my perspective, it’s gotten well out of hand. In software development, agile demonstrates its worth by […]

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The Cost and Benefits of Volunteering for a Professional Networking Association

This past November marked my one-year anniversary of becoming the vice president of finance for the ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement) Michigan Chapter. With the past 12 months in my rearview mirror, I’ve developed an understanding for the real cost and benefits of volunteering for this role. ISPI-Michigan board positions are two-year commitments, so my goal is to take what I’ve learned thus far and use it to make things run even more smoothly in year two. Fingers crossed!

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Behavior – It’s As Easy As A-B-C!

Over time all of us in the learning industry are introduced to countless models, processes, theories, and practices related to Human Performance Improvement.Some stand the test of time, and some are discarded almost as quickly as they’re learned. When we’re introduced to new concepts, we all have a tendency to compare them to things we already know or believe to be true because of our education or our experience.

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Getting a Job Out of College – It Can Be Done!

As a recently hired college graduate, I clearly remember the effort required to discover employment opportunities that were aligned with my aspirations – both professionally and philosophically. I forced myself to learn quite a bit about the real world during my job hunt, which spanned my last two semesters of college plus a couple of months post-graduation. It’s a scary process for students, who are trying to enjoy college but also nervous about what the future holds.

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