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Hit the Road, Flash!

Flash is hitting the figurative road, as Innovative Learning Group Business Development Director Tom Petro recently blogged so eloquently in “Yikes! Flash is going away.” Its upcoming departure is causing companies to dust off their e-learning catalogs and decide if it’s time for an upgrade. To help these efforts, ILG held a webinar called “Ins […]

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The Great Pineapple Dilemma — and the Art of Storytelling

Growing up, my dad’s memorable tale of his father, my Grandpa Schirmacher, has inspired me throughout my life. As a Mounted Marine, my grandpa rode a horse while serving in the United States Marine Corps. During his career, he was stationed on the then-island nation of Hawaii (before it became the 50th state). Grandpa Schirmacher, […]

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Death, Taxes … and Forms? Design Online Forms Right to Remove the Dread

Death and taxes … Two inevitable and taxing (no pun intended) realities we encounter in our lives. Sometimes, filling out online forms feels like a third addition to that pair. Whether it’s completing a mind-numbing registration form for an e-learning course, an online form to attend a webinar, or an evaluation form after a course, […]

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The Wisdom of Aristotle, ‘80s Style

Before the early 1980s, complex storytelling in animation was restricted to films, while television was dominated by kid-friendly fare. On TV, animated programs told a story in 25 minutes or less, and each episode was designed to be independent so it didn’t matter in what order episodes were shown. We had masterpieces like Scooby Doo, Where Are You!, but Scooby and the gang never progressed beyond phrases like “Jinkies!” and “You want a Scooby Snack?”

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