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Brand on the Run…

The Importance of Brand Guidelines At Innovative Learning Group, my days are filled with creating the “look” for the custom learning solutions we create for a wide array of clients (and industries). It keeps the mundane at bay and makes my job more fulfilling. It can be thrilling to jump from one client to the […]

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Design for All

The Importance of Accessibility One of the most frequent questions I receive when designing custom learning solutions for clients is a single sentence, usually expressed as a random comment or thrown in an email. “Can we make sure this is accessible?” Answering this question isn’t easy. Many of our clients have their own internal rules […]

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Designing Under Pressure

Four Tips For Busting Stress Everyone goes through bouts of stress. Whether it‘s finances, physical health, tight work deadlines, picking up your kids from school, or simply choosing the right “stressful” examples for your blog post, we all experience it on a daily basis. Stress can be very relative too; what might be majorly stressful […]

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a hand with a needle about to pop a balloon

Make It Pop!

Communicating with Your Graphic Designer Doesn’t Have to Feel like Speaking Greek My favorite part of being a graphic designer is all of the people I get to connect with. From varying business backgrounds, to cultural backgrounds, to a wide range of skillsets and life experiences, I love discovering how my clients’ brains work and […]

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