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Beyond the Request for Training

Five Considerations for L&D Professionals Working internally It’s not too uncommon for the “Training Department” to be perceived as an order-taker: “I need X training, so our sales increase;” “Just create training on how do x.” Your internal customers want what they want and aren’t shy about asking for it directly. How do you handle […]

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Keys to Effective Leadership

Addressing the Leader Mindset Does your leadership development program move the needle on the leader behaviors that make a difference? With organizations increasing their leadership training spend between 25-30 percent, it makes sense to focus keenly on what kinds of leaders we want in our organization. There’s a lot to being a great leader, and […]

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The New Watercooler Chat

Six Best Practices to Stay Connected in a Virtual World It’s been a year since many employees started working remotely. While the main push from clients has been to convert in-person instructor-led courses to virtual to accommodate a remote workforce, interestingly, I’ve also been working with a few clients to create wellness and mindful work […]

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Networking In A Virtual World

Tips for Feeling Connected In an Isolating Time Whether you’re looking to grow professionally, change jobs, or stay relevant in a virtual world, here are a few practical tips I’ve discovered to help make the most of networking and professional association events and feel connected during this potentially isolating time. Prior to the Event Reach […]

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Stop Future Tripping!

Tips for Managing Your Custom Learning Projects in the Now Hi, my name is Mel, and I’m a chronic future-tripper. What’s that, you ask? In a nutshell, it means I worry about things in the future that haven’t even happened yet — or may not even happen at all — rather than focusing on the […]

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The Learning Leader Job Is NOT Easy!

Five Things Great Learning Leaders Do Holy smokes! When I started my career, you were considered a great learning leader if you could put on a darn good three-day workshop that had solid instructional design, conducted a pilot and train-the-trainer, provided great donuts, and ended with a little evaluation. This isn’t so any more. I […]

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