Category: Instructional Design

The Rights and Wrongs of Feedback

Feedback: An Essential Element for Performance Improvement Feedback: Love it or leave it? Do you like receiving it, do you like giving it, or are you okay without it? Do you know which types of feedback improve performance?  I think we can agree that feedback is critical in attempts to improve employee job performance. Whether you […]

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Interactive PDFs — An Underused Learning Solution

Not Quite E-Learning But More Than a Job Aid One of my first learning industry projects was in the late ‘90s, when printed PowerPoint facilitator guides and corresponding participant guides were all the rage. Within 10 years, e-learning had replaced many instructor-led training (ILT) sessions, which makes sense when you think about it, and why […]

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Learning at the Great Oasis

Relevant, Meaningful Content Creates Great Learning Experiences According to a Gallup Global Emotions survey, people are experiencing a record amount of stress in their lives with 40 percent saying that they experience stress during most of their day. You can say that it’s because of the pandemic or that it’s the result of social polarization, […]

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