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Why Is It Important to Know What Learners are Thinking and Feeling?

Using Empathy to Create Impactful Learning At the end of 2020, a colleague and I were recapping the year’s experiences and the abrupt shift that had to occur in learning for many companies. In particular, we’d both noticed how often the word “empathy” had come up in client conversations, and in industry articles, blogs, and […]

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Developing Leaders From a Distance

Leadership Workshops Evolve From the Classroom It’s interesting how change is sometimes thrust upon us. Innovation flourishes when disruption forces us to abandon the status quo and approach leader development without the quintessential leadership workshop. It had been widely accepted that leader skills require full-contact engagement. After all, leaders interact with people constantly. So, it […]

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Systems Training Is Not One-Size Fits All

Best Practices For Developing Systems-Based Training Innovative Learning Group has developed custom training for many systems, from talent management and customer relationship management to banking and financial systems. After managing many of these projects, I’ve learned that systems training is definitely not one-size fits all. However, along the way I’ve discovered three best practices that […]

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No is not the answer

“No” Is Not the Answer

When Client Expectations and Best Practices Don’t Align How often have you encountered a situation in which you were asked to do something, and you knew the request wasn’t the best approach? For example, what if your client asks for a custom learning project to turn a half-day workshop into a 30-minute e-learning without removing […]

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