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A Tale of Two Authoring Tools

Rise vs. Storyline As a media developer with Innovative Learning Group, I’m often asked the difference between Articulate Rise and Storyline. So, let’s explore their differences to help you decide which authoring tool to use. What’s Storyline 360? Storyline 360 has long been the heavy hitter of the training industry (and Articulate 360’s flagship product). […]

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Saving Time With Storyline

10 Storyline Tips to Make You Feel Like a Pro Articulate Storyline is a popular tool for building online training, and like most software programs, it has many capabilities. Storyline is a robust program, and this means it’s possible to overlook really helpful features. Today, I’m  going to dig in and cover some cool things […]

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The Way of Captivate

Four Captivate Tips “In general, shorter is better. If you can encapsulate your idea into a single captivating sentence, you’re halfway home.” ~ Len Wein I always have appreciated the writing of Len Wein. He was a comic book writer and co-created one of my favorite characters, Swamp Thing. Many people know the most popular […]

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