Category: Learning Technology

Designing for Our Future

Three UX Design basics to remember After reading Tom Petro’s blog, Are We In This Virtually Forever?, I started thinking further into the future than I had in months. As Tom pointed out, almost everything that could be moved to an online platform has moved. A lot of industries and schools are now remote, movie […]

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The Art of Recycling Animation

Five Considerations to Building an Animation Library In case you weren’t already in the know, animation takes a lot of time. A few seconds worth of high quality animation can take days, entire scenes take months, and the films Disney and Dreamworks release take several years and hundreds of artists! With that in mind, the […]

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Get Animated!

Engaging learners is a key element of any e-learning. However, for some, e-learning can be as dry as burnt toast. The best instructional designers know that keeping learners involved is half the battle when it comes to absorbing information. Even if the subject matter is drier than overcooked chicken that’s been left out in the […]

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