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Beyond the Request for Training

Five Considerations for L&D Professionals Working internally It’s not too uncommon for the “Training Department” to be perceived as an order-taker: “I need X training, so our sales increase;” “Just create training on how do x.” Your internal customers want what they want and aren’t shy about asking for it directly. How do you handle […]

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The New Watercooler Chat

Six Best Practices to Stay Connected in a Virtual World It’s been a year since many employees started working remotely. While the main push from clients has been to convert in-person instructor-led courses to virtual to accommodate a remote workforce, interestingly, I’ve also been working with a few clients to create wellness and mindful work […]

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Unsolved Mysteries: Problem-Solving with Lateral Thinking

Four Lateral Thinking Techniques to Help You Get “Outside the Box” Have you ever encountered an unsolvable problem? One where, no matter how much you pound on it, the solution never presents itself? This reminds me of an old TV show, Unsolved Mysteries (recently rebooted by Netflix). Over some dramatic theme music, we would see […]

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