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Quick Tips: Creating Exceptional Customer Relationships

In the rush of getting work done, we occasionally don’t give enough consideration to the relationship side of doing business. Creating a good business relationship while also delivering great quality will be appreciated and remembered by your customer. And it’s precisely this relationship that can take your initiatives from OK to super.

“Because customer service remains a true person-to-person interaction, it’s one of those business ‘musts’ that can’t be automated,” says Innovative Learning Group Marketing Director Laura Vultaggio. “Exceptional customer relationships are developed by adding value to each and every interaction and serving your customers as though your job depended on it and, actually, it may.”


Be responsive… your customer’s urgency must become your urgency

Be consultative… gently challenge, make informed suggestions, and provide options

Keep it simple… skip the jargon and focus on the results

Take an interest in the person… make it personal

Keep your customer informed… nobody likes to be in the dark

Be willing to go the extra mile… give customers more than they expect

Follow up to check the customer’s level of satisfaction… it’s never over

Don’t promise what you can’t deliver… make sure you can realistically meet the process steps, quality, schedule, and budget

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