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Kelly Services Impact Map

ILG Helps Kelly Services Build In-House Skills

Kelly Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:KELYA, KELB) is a leader in providing workforce solutions. Kelly offers a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services as well as world-class staffing on a temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire basis.


Kelly’s leadership identified a need to price its services based on the value they provide rather than low cost and established a value-based pricing initiative. To achieve the value-based pricing goals, Kelly knew that all employees involved in pricing had to understand and use the new pricing model in all pricing-related activities. Kelly’s Global Learning Department was charged with providing the training needed to implement the new pricing strategy successfully.

To ensure the pricing-related training was effective, the Global Learning Department knew it had to determine what the roles affected by the pricing initiative needed to do differently and to ensure that the individuals in these roles had the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the initiative’s goals. Further, the Director of Global Learning wanted to ensure that non-training factors, such as level line management support, which could impede the pricing initiative’s success, were identified


Innovative Learning Group (ILG) was tasked with creating an impact map to help Kelly see how and where the pricing initiative impacted its team. ILG also was asked to teach members of the Global Learning Department to create impact maps.

First, ILG conducted an impact map workshop to familiarize the Global Learning Department with the elements of an impact map and the process used to create it. Members of the Global Learning Department working on the initiative then shadowed ILG as it created the impact map. To develop the map, ILG examined the background information Kelly provided and conducted a series of interviews to gather additional data. Interviewees included the initiative’s stakeholders, leaders of affected business groups, and model performers (individuals who were already pricing based on the value provided).

At a joint work session, the Global Learning Department and ILG who guided and coached the department through the process analyzed all the data and drafted the impact map. ILG then fine tuned the map, and the Global Learning Department reviewed the revised version. As a final step, ILG incorporated the department’s feedback into the impact map and delivered the final map to the Director of Global Learning.


ILG presented Kelly with a thorough impact map that identified all the training and non-training factors that could affect the pricing initiative. The Director of Global Learning shared the impact map with the pricing initiative’s leadership team and reported that the team was wowed. The impact map proved its worth in aligning training with strategic initiatives such as this one. Additionally, members of the Global Learning Department acquired enough information by shadowing ILG through the process that they are now able to create impact maps on their own.

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