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About Innovative Learning Group

By putting performance first, ILG creates learning that drives results.

Who We Are

Innovative Learning Group helps employees of Fortune 1000 companies improve their performance on the job.

Founded in 2004 by Owner and Chief Executive Officer Lisa Toenniges, ILG is a privately held Women’s Business Enterprise-certified company headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

In everything we do, our focus is always on improving performance. We do this through a solid foundation of performance analysis and instructional design, robust process and project management systems, and a commitment to ongoing innovation.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

ILG has 11 on-staff employees, many of whom have 30+ years of experience in the field and advanced degrees in instructional technology, psychology, or human resources.

We also maintain a database of more than 250 freelancers who may be engaged to work on a project-by-project basis. This excellent contractor base gives us the flexibility and scalability necessary to effectively handle very large projects and meet peak load situations as they occur.

“One of the best relationships we’ve experienced in the world of performance solutions.”

– Herb Williams-Dalgart, Director, Performance Solutions Insurance Practice, J.D. Power and Associates

Our Awards

We’re proud of the awards we’ve won. These awards tell us we’re on the right track with respect to focusing on performance first.


Custom Corporate Training Solutions Created to Achieve Your Business Goals

When we put performance first, improvement follows.

As your performance improvement partner, Innovative Learning Group uses scientific and creative expertise to help you achieve your organization’s goals. We are credible learning experts you can count on to deliver results.

Driven by Science.

ILG’s approach to learning is firmly rooted in the sciences of instructional design and performance improvement. Our expertise helps us ensure optimal understanding and application, and allows us to create experiences that are easier, more appealing, and more effective for each unique target audience.

Supported by process.

ILG deploys robust processes and project management systems to ensure the most efficient use of resources, on-time completion, and the best possible outcome for each project we take on. Our processes are structured to ensure success, yet flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of our clients. These processes help us be responsive, as well as proactive, and support us in addressing challenges before they become obstacles.

Advancing the Industry.

ILG is recognized as a leader in the field of learning and performance improvement. We embrace both established and new technologies to create e-learning, mobile experiences, digital performance support tools, and more. We are focused on innovation, and continually seek out new and better ways to maximize potential, increase efficiency, raise satisfaction, and reinforce corporate culture.

“I couldn’t be more pleased. The project went very well, and I appreciated ILG’s flexibility, speed, and responsiveness. I hope to work with them again soon.”

– Patrice Sullivan, L&D Training Business Partner, PAREXEL International

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Areas of Expertise

Performance Improvement

Before selecting training as the appropriate solution, our consultants analyze current and desired levels of performance, identify the causes for the performance gap, and offer interventions to improve performance. Our approach takes a look at the various factors that enable individual and organizational performance.

Instructional Design

The learning and performance solutions we create are rooted in solid instructional design principles. Our consultants have years of experience in designing instruction in an effective, engaging, and practical manner.

Learning Technology

We select and use the most efficient and effective technology to ensure your learning and performance solutions work. We also stay in front of the newest technology trends and how to apply them to learning.

Project Management

Our project management excellence allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality, schedule, and budget adherence throughout each of our projects. Our experienced on-staff project managers work to proactively identify and address challenges, simplify the journey to completion, and maintain the open and regular communication required to drive each project forward.

Information Architecture / User Interface Design

We are experts in creating the framework for learning and performance solutions. We apply IA and UI core principles to all our solutions to ensure effective design of the organizational, navigational, visual, and verbal components that are crucial to usability and overall success.

Graphics Development and Animation

Our graphic designers use design, color, and composition to create a look that is fresh, engaging, and appropriate for the application. Our animators are highly skilled in the lasted tools for 3D modeling and 3D animation. With their expertise, we can bring your ideas to life in the most captivating and realistic way possible.

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Industries Served

See Our Highlighted Industries

  • Hospitality
  • Hospital and health care
  • Insurance
  • Not for profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical technology
  • Oil and energy
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Professional organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Travel and recreation
  • Utilities
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When we put performance first, improvement follows.

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