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Ironworks Basic Hand Tool Safety

Klein Tools

This 10-minute microlearning was developed using Articulate Rise specifically for mobile phone use. Basic Hand Tool Safety was intended for a younger audience (after high school apprentice program) so Klein felt mobile phone delivery was the ideal option. The course also can be leveraged as performance support because it provides short chunks of learning and can be accessed on-the-go. The course also promotes awareness of and excitement around Klein Tools’ products, features, and benefits. For this course, audio was kept to a minimum, and it has a collapsible menu that tracks progress and allows learners to quickly navigate to the section they need. The course design includes sorting and flip-card interactions, as well as click-to-learn more options, which are intended to keep learners engaged and informed about each topic. It also features drag-and-drop content that was created in Storyline and pulled into Rise.

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