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Beyond the Buzz Episode #6: Gamification

Moderator Tom Petro and guests discuss gamification. Questions Tom asks include:

  • What is gamification exactly?
  • Did gamification just spring fully formed from the ground, or has it been around for a while?
  • Why is gamification a valuable (or effective) technique in learning and development?
  • Are games and gamification the same thing?
  • If gamification for everyone or just Generation X?
  • Is gamification just an e-learning thing, or can it be used in an in-person setting?
  • What are some good applications for gamification techniques in learning and performance support?


  • Comerica Bank Communication and Reporting Manager Gerret Peters
  • Project Manager and Performance Consultant Mike Blahnik
  • ILG Programmer Walter Schirmacher


  • Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal
  • The Gamification of Learning and Instruction by Karl M. Kapp
  • Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success by Aaron Dignan
  • Game Level Learn (Podcast by Jon Cassie)
A woman and some of her coworkers smiling while working in a computer lab.

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